Commercial Metal Roof Restoration in Henrietta

So many Henrietta commercial and industrial buildings use metal roofs because they are often the roofing system that makes the most sense. When you opt for a metal roof, you don’t have to worry about replacing shingles or labor-intensive upkeep. When properly insulated, metal roofs can be incredibly energy efficient. They are also available in a wide variety of different colors and styles, and best of all the customization options don’t come with extra costs. No matter what style of metal roof you choose, they will always be easy and inexpensive to install and maintain.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that metal roofs are the preferred choice for commercial buildings in the Henrietta area. But we haven’t even addressed the biggest benefit of metal roofs yet.

It’s no secret that no roof lasts forever, even metal roofs. After enough time has passed and the roof has endured enough exposure to the elements, it will start to exhibit wear, tear and rust among other things. When the wear and tear start to present themselves, far too many Henrietta building owners are quick to pull the trigger on springing for a full replacement. Roof replacement are long, arduous and expensive projects, even when working with a relatively easy roofing system like metal. What’s frustrating is that there is an easier, cost-effective solution to an aging metal roof.

Rather than get your metal roof replaced, you can get it restored when you call Guaranteed Roofing & Construction today. Metal roof restorations are designed to make your metal roof waterproof, UV ray resistant and improve its overall appearance all while extending its life.

If you want to avoid paying for a metal roof replacement but still get the same incredible results, get in touch with Guaranteed Roofing & Construction to find out more about our metal roof restoration services.

What is Metal Roof Restoration?

Metal roof restoration is a process in which Guaranteed Roofing & Construction’s professional roofing contractors:

  • Power wash and clean the roof.
  • Prime with a rust-inhibiting primer.
  • Fasten all the heads.
  • Reinforce existing seams.
  • Seal entire roof with a restorative coating.

Once the restoration process is complete, leaks at the seams will no longer be an issue, the lifespan of your metal roof will be extended and your overall air conditioning costs will be greatly reduced. All this at the fraction of the cost of a metal roof replacement.

Don’t make the same mistake so many commercial building owners have made in the past and spring for a roof replacement when you don’t have to. Metal roof restoration offers incredible protection of your investment and one of your building’s most important assets for much less and it’s not nearly as invasive.

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The low-maintenance requirements of a metal roof and their cost-effective installations are just part of the reason why metal roofs continue to be a hugely popular option for commercial buildings. But the ease in which they can be restored should rank as one of the top reasons as well. If you want to take advantage of the best, most reliable metal roof restoration services in the Henrietta area, contact Guaranteed Roofing & Construction today.